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Financial Planning

We work alongside you to construct a comprehensive financial plan.

Our real connection with you starts with financial planning, the critical initial step to achieving your financial goals. First, it is important to know you, to understand where you are relative to your objectives from short-term to long-term.

The planning steps we use will assist you and your advisor to make targeted decisions that optimise your finances and conduct your future. The process results in a detailed personal financial analysis of each of your goals and your current progress toward them, and recommendations with action steps designed to help you reach those goals.

Your personal financial plan will be based on independent, unbiased advice around critical and important elements of life now and moving forward such as, retirement plans, children, location and your risk tolerance.

Then we work with you to implement the strategies outlined in your financial plan. Your plan is dynamic and will change as needed, whether that’s due to external drivers such as tax law revisions or your own changing needs and goals. To that end, we provide ongoing, periodic updates to keep your plan current.

The key points of the plan will address important areas such as cash flow, asset management, wealth preservation, estate, tax and legacy.

Investment Management

We customise client strategies to meet financial objectives. You have a window to very experienced and knowledgeable advisors who are focused on delivering more than just an investment portfolio; additionally, a personal, enduring relationship. We operate with our clients, exploring the financial objectives and goals. Our account managers are fiduciaries, who are required to put clients needs first. We tailor investment plans for each individual client.

Our financial strategies are based on the knowledge that diversifying our clients’ portfolios across multiple asset classes in a measured way over market cycles offers the best opportunity to achieve long-term wealth objectives. We use refined optimisation and allocation frameworks to build portfolios that always deliver quality for a given level of risk.

Aligned Interests

We sit on your side of the table

As a registered investment advisor, we emphasise objectivity and transparency in all aspects of our practice. As fiduciaries, we seek to provide clients with a collaborative approach to wealth management. We are employee-owned and invest alongside our clients.

Meaningful Portfolios

What really suits your objectives

We start by asking what you want your money to do. What are your long-term objectives and aspirations? Then we design and manage customized portfolios that are intended to help you achieve those goals by delivering sustainable growth.

Investment Opportunities

Access to opportunity drives value

Our connections to a deep bench of professional talent sets us apart from the rest of the industry by providing access to private investment opportunities.

Intellectual Capital

Insights that make a difference

We believe our knowledge base distinguishes us from other financial service firms. At Neon Equity Advisors, you’ll have access to a team of experts who are ready to help in all aspects of wealth management.

Long-term Relationships

Understanding clients

We are collaborative and responsive to your needs. As your family office, we strive to provide a consistently high level of service and build rewarding, long-term relationships.

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